Catherine Bodmer


Catherine Bodmer is a visual artist whose practice includes installation, photography and site-specific work. The idea of transformation is at the centre of her work, as well as her interest in the relationships we maintain with everyday spaces and practices. In her installations and site-specific works, she is mostly interested in activities related to cleaning the body and the space. Stressing the ambivalent values of cleanliness, she questions their effects on the arrangement of our physical and mental spaces, our ideologies and utopias. For ten years, Catherine Bodmer has been working with the means of photography to explore the image and its relationships with reality and fiction. In her photographic work, she is concerned with the constructed environment - especially urban - where modernity and its rational imperatives collide with the natural and social space. She is particularly interested in the paradoxical situations that emerge from these relationships. Comparable to the malleable materials in her installations, she conceives of the image as a “matter” that can be manipulated. Strategies of division, multiplication and variation of a subject serve a broader idea that highlights feelings of uncertainty in the face of an increasingly fragmented and kaleidoscopic perception of reality.